TSX Series (fixed dismountable)
Modular fixed removable tribune anatomical seat on harrow
Modular fixed removable tribune anatomical seat on harrow


Modular fixed removable tribune anatomical seat on harrow

TSX removable modular fixed tribune with anatomical seat on harrow, manufactured according to EN 13200 part 6 (AENOR), in terms of safety, stability and resistance.

Fixed removable modular metal tribune with anatomical seat on harrow made of copolymer polypropylene, specially designed for, sports centers, football fields, tennis and paddle courts, and all kinds of events that require a great versatility, functionality with temporary needs of quick installation.

Our fixed TSX demountable modular stands with anatomical seat on harrow, optionally available in various finishes, lacquered in the oven 200ºc, hot-dip galvanized at 450ºc, or galvanized and lacquered, with quick and easy assembly, disassembly and storage allow to expand gauging transforming a free area into useful quickly.

Robust structure and agile design, developed to provide the maximum comfort and reliability of the set to the viewer,both outside and inside enclosures.

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Technical characteristics TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS

  • Stairs wide: from 1100 to 1500mm.
  • Removable modular structure TSX series, fully expandable in number of rows and length of modules.
  • Tribune access: superior, inferior or both according to needs.
  • Railings in steel tube ø 40mm.
  • Steel quality S 275 JOH, S 235 JR, (DD 11) SAE 1008.
  • Hot galvanized 450ºC for metallic structure according to UNE-EN 1461/99 coating μ ≥ 6mm 85 μ.
  • Finish lacquered in the oven 200ºC according to ASTM B-117> 500 hours salt spray.
  • It includes screws of regulation of height of pilares of until 200mm; ground adaptation.
  • Finishing configuration: selection tab options and seat type (OT100 - 800).
  • TSX load certificate:
  • For the design of this TSX structure and its dimensioning, the following parameters have been taken into account:
  • Overload of use of 500 kg / m².
  • Horizontal overload of 38 kg / m², applied in addition to two perpendicular directions.
  • Buckling test applying maximal axial effort with an Omega coefficient ≥ 1.

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