Micra SG Armchair
Micra SG Armchair
Micra SG Armchair
Micra SG Armchair

REF Butaca Micra SG

Micra SG Armchair

Seat backrest and supports folding arms on the seat. Manufactured according to EN 13200 regulations.

The folding is done manually with a slight movement of the backrest from back to front turning on the axis located at its base and being collected on the seat, thus obtaining a total height on the harrow of 180 mm., Which makes possible its installation in places with limited space, being especially indicated for TELESCOPIC GRADES.

The armrest is folded simultaneously to the movement of the backrest, being included in the same measure of 180 mm.

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Technical characteristics TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS

The seat and backrest are manufactured by injection of cold molded polyurethane, with the patented and exclusive "UNIBLOCK System®", which includes in the same procedure the insertion of the metallic structures, formed by square steel profile of 20x20 mm. and 1.5 mm. thick, curved and welded to the arch by continuous thread, on which a series of springs are inserted wavy, strategically placed, that improve the comfort of the upholstered parts.

The pieces of injected foam, have a total thickness of 80 mm. in the seat and 70 mm. in the back.

Four 4mm steel plates are placed under the seat. of thickness that serve for anchoring
to the floor, discreetly and safely. This model is produced for installation in continuous rows without limit of units

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