handball with basket goal b2sport
Handball and Minibasketball goal set
Handball and Minibasketball goal set
handball with basket goal b2sport
Handball and Minibasketball goal set
Handball and Minibasketball goal set

REF 35007Q

Handball and Minibasketball goal set

Handball and Minibasketball goals set manufactured according to European standards EN-749 and 1270 (AENOR) in terms of safety, stability and resistance, consisting of:

Set of handball with minibaskets goals, self-stable and portable, for use only anchored by four anchors to floor by goal, made with poles and stringer made in metal tube 80 x 80 x 2 mm in one piece with a internal dimension of 2 x 3 meters. (+/- 3 mm), which joins in its rectangular base built in metal tube of 40 x 40 x 2 mm, from which will emerge a 35x2 mm braces as an arquillo to the frame, in its upper part with reinforcement of top braces in diagonal distribution between the arches and the frame.

The edges or edges that may cause injury are rounded with a radius of at least (4 ± 1) mm.

The lower base, the poles and the stringer will incorporate systems of fixation of the net in the manner of a hook in plastic material anti injured.

In the upper part of the frame of the goal, the basket arm structure with minibasket board in Ø101x3.2mm tube is fixed by means of a plate and counter plate system with four M10x25mm screws, in its rear part there is a rear stabilizer in Ø35x2mm tube.

The set includes a 20mm thick fiberglass american training basketball backboard and a 34065 non-deformable basketball hoop with its corresponding net, Ref: 34068.

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Technical characteristics TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS

  • The main frame of the goal (2 posts and a crossbar) that constitute a unit without unions.
  • 1 rear support base of the network.
  • 2 back diagonal arches of union frame upper part with support base.
  • Four fastenings systems to concrete per goal (two on each side of the base, 4 per team).
  • Basket arm structure with rear stabilizer
  • One American shape fiberglass minibasket backboard
  • 2 handball network + 2 basketball net.
  • Powder coated in RAL 9016 White, (Optionally they can be painted with red and white stripes of 20cm.)

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