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Modelo P-1 taquilla en acabado fenólico 10/4 mm
Modelo P-1 taquilla en acabado fenólico 10/4 mm

REF 32323

HPL phenolic P-1 locker of 10/4 mm thickness

HPL phenolic P-1 locker of 10/4 mm thickness, 304 stainless steel hinges and PVC adjustable legs up to 15 cm. With vertical door and lower and upper shelf, the upper one includes an aluminium bar with hook and hotel-type hanger.

The locker module is made up of a structure of four aluminum profiles, on which the sides and the rear are fitted, screwing on the ceiling, the base and the interior dividers. The door with the overlapping hinges are fitted inside these profiles, forming a solid set.
Vertical doors with rounded edges, made of compact 10 mm thick phenolic board, color to choose.
Sides made of compact white phenolic board 4 mm thick.
Ceiling, base and interior dividers, made of 8 mm thick white phenolic board.
Back made of compact phenolic board 3 mm thick, white, perforated for ventilation.
Stainless steel hinges. 304 (including hardware) with rounded edges.
PVC legs, adjustable in height up to 15 cm.
Black plastic label with white relief numbering.
Slip lock with removable bulb, with two serret keys.

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Technical characteristics TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS

  • A vertical door
  • Interior with an upper shelf, a lower one, and under the upper one an aluminum bar with hook and hotel hanger.
  • Zamak door opening retainer.

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