Bio-healthy gimnastic outdoor equipment
Bus ST-S01X
Bus ST-S01X
Bus ST-S01X
Bus ST-S01X


Bus ST-S01X

Bio-healthy gimnastic station Bus

Bio-healthy gimnastic station Bus that strengthens the joints of wrists, arms, shoulders and back, while improving the agility of the upper limbs and psychomotor coordination.

Technical characteristics TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS

Dimensions: 910 x 545 x 2570 mm

Function: Strengthens the wrist, arm, shoulder and back joints, while improving upper limb agility and psychomotor coordination. Recommended for rehabilitation of shoulder injuries.

Use: Take each handle with one hand. Raise and lower right and left hand simultaneously.

Realization: Always depending on the needs of the person, there are no specifications for this device.

Note: It is a clamping movement, it is not necessary to throw or make any type of effort for its correct realization.

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